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If you or your child have allergies or asthma, you probably are used to frequent symptoms. With the help from our allergists, symptoms can be controlled or cured. We will work with you to determine what causes the problems and to develop a plan to provide the most effective treatments. The goal is to have you and your family lead a normal, healthy life, free of allergy or asthma symptoms.


Our Board Certified physicians provide comprehensive care for allergy and asthma problems in children and adults.

Our professional nursing and laboratory staffs provide friendly, compassionate, personalized care.

Our office and insurance staff will make your time with us a smooth and pleasant experience.

What's News: Carolina Allergy and Asthma Blog

  • About-Face on Preventing Peanut Allergies

    Study finds introducing peanuts in many infants’ diets could help avoid the allergies later in childhood: A diet that includes peanuts in the first year of life may greatly reduce the chance of developing peanut allergies in children at risk for getting them, according to a highly anticipated new study.

  • The Flu Has Been Making People Sick for At Least 500 Years

    There’s no doubt about it—flu season is here. The CDC reported in late December that over half of America is experiencing a high rate of flu, and the numbers are expected to climb.

  • Allergies, Asthma and Winter Holidays

    With the arrival of winter, seasonal allergic rhinitis (hay fever) and asthma sufferers can breathe relief as most outdoor allergens disappear until spring. But holiday gatherings and spending more time indoors exposes many people to different allergen triggers.

  • Make Peace with Fall: Get Over Your Love-Hate Relationship with Autumn Allergies

    Quick question: Fall, love it or hate it? Or both? People who suffer from fall allergies no doubt love the fall colors and the festive time of year, while hating the sneezing, sniffling, wheezing and itching. So what’s an autumn lover to do? Batten down the hatches and get ready for fall allergy season with the following tips.

  • Summertime Skin Rashes

    If you have skin allergies, summer is a common time for skin rash flare-ups, including atopic dermatitis (eczema) and urticaria (hives). These steps may help to reduce your symptoms, or even avoid them all together.

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